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Monday, 15 October 2012

Editorial: Freedom & Connectedness

" ....Imagine if we could do something magical in real life. If we could have a master Key with which we could quickly unlock different situations , gain freedom  from our fears, fulfill our needs , and clear the mess that we have created....

....This is exactly the purpose of the CORPORitual Values of Living in our present world and era.  CORPORitual is a powerful recipe for the new era."

-Sri Raj Bhowmik- 

In this edition of Sacred Sanctum , Freedom has been viewed , felt & lived differently by different individuals in their own spaces and environment but with the same feel of connectedness, which runs through it all....This is the feel of a Free mind which is happy & connected with the real world outside. This world of freedom is not subjective to any outside source of happiness or well being , but is deeply connected with the inner world of a free spirit and mind gained not by "CHASING HAPPINESS " But by "CHOOSING HAPPINESS".

To Be Born Free :http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/10/to-be-free-child.html
 Is a article understanding & experiencing the Freedom in a child, the aspects that bring us to to connecting with ourselves and the environment.

Bonded in Freedom with Love: 
This experiences takes us a little more into our inner self. When 2 individuals in a system are free and inter dependent for a Purpose the outcome is "Experiencing  Happiness by choosing" rather than Chasing.

Gateway Of Justice: http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/10/gateway-of-justice.html
When relationships are based on Fairness and comfort of each other, then it grows in its facets.

The Homecoming : http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/10/the-homecoming.html
When the search for outside freedom through material objects ceases, then one begins the search inward. It is only then that we connect back HOME - The Inner Centre.

Freedom To Choose: http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/10/freedom-to-choose.html
When we have Freedom one of the bigger lessons is realize is the power o choose at the given moment. If parents can focus on helping children learn to make choices, they will soon in some time learn what is good for the objective in that moment.

Freedom connects .. freedom liberates .. freedom is felt deep inside... Freedom is the Freedom to 'BE'...this freedom is to have found that magical key which we have all heard about but did not ever feel it. This is the 'CORPORitual Fragrance '...which ushers our inner self to  Freedom & Connectedness..!

Happy Being Free !! Happy Staying Connected to Yourself !! Happy "Being" who you truly are

To Be A Free Child

“One of the reasons why children are so happy most of the time, is because they let go of negative experiences very quickly, and they forgive and bury the past. I am convinced that we can observe and learn some high level life-leadership qualities from children in this regard. This reminds me of the maxim,’ The child is the father of the man.’ How true! They are the best in this business!”
-Sri Raj Bhowmik-

A free child is the one who is constantly learning & teaching, at the same time…There is no right or wrong in the mind of a free child…”I  like doing it, and so I am doing it ”. The free child always lives by his instincts and feels thoroughly with his whole self . Choices made by him are his own feel based choices and all that it  needs  is a supporting & enhancing environment for his choices to  made. Thus, the unique abilitiy of every child gets a root somewhere & becomes a sprawling tree . A child  always leads the parent to his wants and the parent just needs to pay attention .  Isn’t this how infants work ? Isn’t this a real living and not a preconditioned or a fearful one? Isn't this even we want it to be ?  Yes, sure it is..It is the most balanced & fearless form of living..Then what happens? Why do we chain a child and what goes wrong where? 

It is simple. We start filling the nurturing space in a child’s life with  fears, lies , beliefs and self doubts…and that’s because, we ourselves are living in a fearful world and the child that we bring in this world  , is also  introduced to the same world  …This is the world carrying  the burden of past experiences & beliefs  , refusing to move on by forgiving & burying the past ,  always getting distracted with grudges and complaints and finding difficult to let go. Then how can the best choices  be made in such a fearful environment? These are the chains of bondage that we adorn the child with …We admit the child to multiple courses available on the shelf…we change schools because the present school is too crowded or not upto the marl or  because it does not pay attention…we get upset because the child does not fare well in exams….or we start hunting for private tuition teachers, etc.…But , the major thing that is slips our attention is that are we making the right choices? How can we  , when we ourselves are not sure about our own inner child ? 

Why does this happen…? What are we rushing towards ? or what are we running away from? Is it because we have not forgiven ourselves for any mistakes done ? or because the ghosts of the past still haunts us?

As Sri Raj Bhowmik has said “Forgiveness is one important lesson that you need to learn in life. When you bear a grudge against someone , it is almost as if you are carrying a burden on your back. It distracts you , disturbs your peace of mind, and drains away your energy. Learn to let go, learn to forgive, and you will see that you have done a Divine thing , and you will feel elevated in your inner world , for being in charges of the situation, rather situation taking control over you. ”

This is the burden which when carried for long , gradually becomes a veneer for us. It shrouds the child  within us ..and from under this shroud there is no true connection happening with the outside ?  If we as parents, run  far away from the child within , then, obviously we are not connecting to our real self too. We become  parents , but refuse to acknowledge the free child within each one of us. Until we do that , how many schools , courses or tuition teachers we change for our child, we shall never be satisfied with the results.  Learning to let go is the easiest way to recognize the free child inside. This child is born free and is a leader. This child is making choices based out of true love for self and this child does not fear anything..Once we recognize the child within & begin to nurture it from a loving & compassionate space..the child outside shall flourish too..This is the time when instead of focusing only on the shadows , we start focusing on the warmth & light of the sun. 

At this Sri Raj Bhowmik has very aptly said “People who stand with their backs facing the sun, do not observe the magnificent glory of sun. For them the sun just cast shadows. Turn around Mankind , look at the glory of the sun. Turning towards the right direction, you shall know that life is more than shadows. You will see life & enjoyment & glory all around you.”

Once we have learnt the great art of forgiveness, from the child himself, the sunny side is always up. No pushing or cajoling or convincing is required once you start following the child .. A child is a natural leader …because it carries no grudges .. A child just moves on. A free child dreams no ordinary dreams .. They are the dreams which only an evolved mind can help the child live them, by providing the right platform & the right environment.  Raj Bhowmik Schools of leadership for children, is one such platform, provided by our Founder himself,  which not only allows the children to “Build castles in air”, but even helps the children live it in real too . This platform is CORPORitual  in its existence , as it allows a child to make the instinctively correct choices and even gives the children the power to lead while being rooted firmly in the ground , eliminating competition in them & replacing it with Compassion & collaboration. Such is a free child of the Now.. Such is a Life leader, who is free from all fears and is connected with the real world in a compassionate way. Such is the urge of infinity to be a free child always!


Bonded in Freedom ...with Love

“A bee can feel the flower’s fragrance from miles away. The flower has just bloomed , but the bee has already come rushing. Scientists are trying to find out how bees find their way? It is a super sense and it is nothing but love . You have to be very careful with the things you love , because they are going to decide your destiny.” – Sri Raj Bhowmik 

The flower just blossomed & the bee was attracted …and they fell in love…It is a well known fact that  when a couple falls in love, the world is never the same for them again. There is a lot of unconditional giving & sharing which happens during the initial period of courting, and this  makes them believe that that they shall live happily ever after… All seems like a picture perfect setting of a movie made in Hollywood  and long term vows are taken by the couple thereafter.
However , more than often, it has been observed by various stalwarts dealing in couple relationships, that so is not the case…It starts very well ,as the cupid has just struck &  the world feels like a  garden, for the couple in love , but, this garden of love slowly begins to wither as the individual sense of freedom, which is main pre- requisite of a happy couple relationship,  takes a back seat. It is curtailed by high expectations, conditions set on love , high bench mark for the partner behavior and judgmental living. Poor love takes a hiding and the “I am so much in love with you”, changes its form to “ I am just tolerating you .” 

Then begins the mad chase for happiness & love in the world outside. In this chase, to find solutions to happy living , one easily gets attached to material things in life or  plays the sacrificial lamb by constantly adjusting, managing , trying to live up to the bench mark set by the partner.Whatever it is , the fact remains that one is just running away from the true self .  In this  process of running away... eating binges / diets, drowning  in loud noises & consumption of alcohol in pubs & discos, short vacations on week ends, going abroad for a change , visiting temples three times a day , organizing bhajan Evenings, joining  a hobby class etc . happens and when all this does not fetch happiness .. one might enter into a new relationship in order to get a fresh feeling of the so called "love" or one might just walk out of the present realtionship  too... However, the sense of Freedom & happiness  still remains illusive though.

“We are waiting for someone to introduce us to our own inner world. We stay with our inner-world in the same house , but as distant neighbours ; neighbours whom we donot care about". – Sri Raj Bhowmik-

Isn’t this the case in the relationship that we have with our own selves too ?..We become distant neighbours….and when the same status mirrors in our partner/couple relationship , we run away, as we cannot face the scary image of our inner self. Yes, the status of our relationship with our partners is a mirror image of our relationship with self. We do not ever feel successful in any relationship and that’s ..because , we have still not faced our own selves, in its stark form. Till one bonds & connects with ones true & real self..no other real relationship can be formed. A relationship with self is the highest of all relationship & that is completely bonded in freedom ..with love. It is definitely not a hope less situation when one goes through a difficult phase in the most intimate relationship. This pain is trying to teach  a major lesson in life. Its telling you to look into one self …One shall find love there. 

That’s “the Meeting Point", as phrased by Sri Raj Bhowmik.. where One meets oneself in silence ....

...."Remember that , ‘the quality of your life is the quality of your communication to yourself. What you say to others and the way you treat others is important. But, even more important is what you say to yourself and how you behave with yourself.”..Sri Raj Bhowmik....And when we do that regularly, we look into our true self too ..and thats where we are free , happy & strongly bonded in  love. That's the inner peace centre which resounds in unconditional love for self &  whoever comes in touch with such a grounded & free self .... is bonded in freedom with love..forever..!! The same can be experienced at the "CORPORitual "BE -ING Happy " wellness course , where the focus is to "move beyond chasing happiness to choosing happiness"...1 


Gateway of Justice...

 “I feel there are only three things that are worthwhile in this world – Justice, Beauty , and Truth. And perhaps, none of them can be defined using words.”- Sri Raj Bhowmik

Sometimes, there comes a time in a person's life when the only path to absolute freedom has to pass through the processes of Judicial law . However, there is something about this process which stops many from taking this road to Freedom. This 'something' is completely based on ones mental pictures and perceptions about law. Judiciary and the legal processes are more than often frowned upon for their delay in passing judgments, denial of justice , lengthy processes or a laid out approach of the lawyers and therefore Judicial processes are perceived as an unnecessary block or obstacle in the flow of life…and is  never really seen as an add on or helping aid in our walk towards Freedom.  What one fails to see through the mental chaos is the reason behind such feelings of despair & hopelessness towards Justice and in the turmoil one fails to recognize the super efficient role of judiciary in maintaining the divine order  of life & living..
 This perception about law, which is based upon the mental images which we build, with respect to any legal case  are based on stories heard , seen & perceived since our childhood. Such perceptions are made from the point of view of a self's deep seated fears of injustice . These un - real fears,  refrain one’s own self from forming an intimate relationship with any legal process,  and thus,  cementing our beliefs about the legal  system . All this forsakes the very first step towards the road to freedom, which has to pass through the gateway of Justice !!!  

 It is on  realizing that Justice is the only thing which the Nature thrives upon ever since creation happened... the path towards seeking a sense of real freedom becomes quite a liberating and a wholesome experience in itself.  The mere acceptance of the fact that justice prevails  no matter what ..We develop a real relationship with it ..and this path then transforms into quite a powerful experience in itself , as it opens up a bond of cosmic oneness and liberates one from the shackles of myth  surrounding justice…  

“Once you recognize and feel this relationship, it will give your life a new meaning , and believe me, the awareness that you are with everything is a tremendous feeling. This relation transcends words, religion, spirituality, science, and I would even say, Love. “– Sri Raj Bhowmik 

Freedom aided by justice is the REAL Thing ..This freedom is not about hiding or exposing , throwing or keeping .This Freedom involves feeling & sharing, creating & spreading…in silent acceptance. This spreading & sprinkling of absolute freedom into the outside world ,forms a unique relationship of our inner sleves  with  all those around us . As Sri raj Bhowmik has said “This relation is much greater than all the relations that can be put down in words. ”
 Then where is the question of delay? Where is injustice..? Justice awaits everyone..All that is called for is the need to listen . . It is  the fear of injustice which causes the delay...One needs to let go any charge with respect to judicial system , not to go by hearsay , but hear the self . This shall be the start of the walk on the path to oneness. Justice is the perpetrator of this universal bond of cosmic oneness . All relationships on this path are free yet strongly connected at a much deeper level. It is a divne connect . The need is to connect , the need is to take the road ahead...If your goal to achieve freedom is desired by soul , then as Sri Raj Bhowmik has said " It will have an inspiration which will pull you towards it, and this will enable you to walk the path without any fear despite all the hindrances in your way, be they of any magnitude." 

At Soulbath Peace Foundation,there is a judicial wing to help , support and bring out the indivduals of their deep lying fear circling Judicial processes. It helps them overcome the fear of Justice that keeps freedom at bay. Once this fear is crossed over , it is the road to Freedom ..through the Gateway of Justice...!!

The Homecoming

Wary of the unsafe feeling ..of being apart.
On a quest to find YOU ...Love or God...
I heard my soul call ...one day...
A call so intense , that it tore my heart!

 It was searching for You.. far & wide,
Forestalling the search within...
fearing the darkness which would swallow the entity  ,
losing in the wallows or turbulent dark seas...

Going places for answers and finding some, 
But...nothing could quench its thirst or stop the run..
Restless and turbulent with a desire growing so strong...
Flowing in the search of an eternal bond!

Worldly traps and mazes were laid in its path
Slipping the being into a deep trance,
The pariah was lost in the waters of delusional bath,
A castle of illusion was being built around it..not by Chance...!
Dazzled and blinded with the glitter of the golds, 
The soul search paused & lost in the folds ...
A hollow and vacant space formed within..., 
A veneered space full with worldly garments of rich sheen.

A wave of pain raised a storm so loud ,
The soul  awakened at the forceful resound !
The Angels appeared from far & between..
Comforting there is no good , no sin.

All started to make sense again....
The pain , the  tears seemed puny & in vain.
The darkest of nights no longer disturbed ...
When You and Me floated in the solace of Tranquility.

Beyond all hurt and feelings of resentful scenes,
Lies a world, shimmering with the jewels of peaceful dreams,
Where mountains are build of hopes & freedom,
Where flows a river of  love and Compassion ...

You were within ..I was never alone,
Your love for me lay deep in my heart...and,
With a gentle rub...it shone!

I now take off my useless adornments,
 which have choked me since long..
kept me away from you and separating
 us far and beyond!
I am free, I am ecstatic , my heart beats fast...
I have found you..within me...
I am home, I am home, I am home at last!


Freedom to choose

Liberty is the right to choose, freedom is the result of that choice.It is this sort of freedom that a human being in the 21st Century is waiting to live .  ‘Choice' according to me is equal to ‘identity’. So, it is very important to see that from which space are these choices made from? Is it from a judgmental & fear based point of view or from an aligned CORPORitual space. This is the balance which comes handy  & helpful while making the choices in life, with liberty , thus, leading us to freedom.

This is something that I have personally been able to instill in my three boys who are all into their adolescent years. I  have been able to nurture them into three different individuals whose thoughts, words and actions are given a lot of consideration and weightage. In fact by presenting them with options, and giving them the freedom to choose has helped me nurture them in a balanced &  an aligned  manner.  Of course the pros and cons of each option too is presented to them.....but the ultimate choice is theirs and the consequences arising out of the choices made, have to be faced by them too. This amounts to freedom, they have to make that all important decision, but they also will have to live by that  decision. This sort of freedom gives them a sense of not just trying to be ‘an adult’, it also makes them feel extremely responsible too. Even if a choice made by them, goes wrong .. I believe that one must learn the lesson & move on. So , by walking hand in hand with our children , we   help them make the real choices & live in the real Free world. After all, all that is ‘happening, is today’ , because ‘tomorrow is just an idea’!

 "Always remember that - "Negative experiences if handled in the right way, only pushes you more towards the winner's peak." - Sri Raj Bhowmik-


 In this article , the writer  is enjoying growing up herself and also in bringing up her children the C-VOL way, by aligning to  what Sri Raj Bhowmik has to say about the mistakes & failures in life as stepping stones to success as... "There are no mistakes in life, but only lessons to be learnt ", as spoken of in C-VOL . This alignment and balance in bringing up children, shall not only help them learn from every mistake in a responsible way , but also help them make the right choices in the real world ...!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Editorial - Compassionate Families

This edition of Sacred Sanctum is dedicated to the COMPASSIONATE FAMILY in all forms , exisiting on our planet Earth . As Our Founder Sri Raj Bhowmik has said that, " Compassion is a unique quality directly connected to the heart and the soul . Compassion can come out directly from the soul, and nowhere else."....This edition showcases a journey of a Compassionate being , who while following the practice of Compassion comes across some deep realizations and revelations in his Life's journey. Compassion is seen in all forms and feels..like a Soul connection somewhere...or as a Mother's warm touch, as  a Power of One  and even as a Divine feel of "ISNESS". Compassion transforms a Human body to a Human Being ...Such is the Power of Compassion which brings families together in this Art of Giving.

A Compassionate Family

 In this article , a compassionate family has been  symbolized as a mother’s love & affection  showered on her children in any home. The writer very hopefully wishes that if each member of a family , whether in a nuclear family  or a joint family system , practises the same level of Compassion as  a Mother does in a family .... by paying attention to the smallest details , needs ,likes & dislikes of all her children , then there shall never arise the question of “WHY ME”? any more. That family shall surely “ be more” in all aspects...embracing all the weaknesses , flaws & strengths of every member in a family and holding hands under all circumstances. It is this realisation which emerges as a prayer in the article ‘A Compassionate family”. 

All That Is - A poem  on journey of self discovery

When continuous acts of Compassion  in the immediate family and the "community Family"  becomes the purpose of one's life...then, every such  act of Giving speaks louder than words . A being who thrives  in this fragrance of Compassion , then traverses the road to self - discovery & abundance .  This unique journey to the core strength area of ones inner world , starts resonating with rhythms of joy, happiness and immense gratitude. It waves of realizations & deep changes in self ,along with a feel of Divine Fulfillment and satisfaction of  Giving back to the Society.The world becomes a family and Oneness is experienced in self ..ushering in a journey into the inner world of stillness , where All that is !

Compassion is a WHOLE reason in itself  to connect not only to our own selfs but also with the family & friends spread in any  part of the world ....It is a bond that every soul loves to connect with.... It connects not only with empathy but with deep respect for each being, and in the process , it leaves behind a deeper urge to Give Back more  in even tiniest possible way !  Every one awaits a chance to reconnect with long forgotton pals, families, relatives...but questions the reason to make that one call or take a step ahead. Compassion is the answer to all such questions. It awaits no reasoning, logic or expalnation to connect . The only thing which comes to the heart of a Compassionate being is the NIKE Slogan - " Just Do It ". The writer too connected  with her family sprawled all over the world in this unique manner .  She took all along in this act of  Giving back to the Society and while doing so all that was felt was immense Gratitude & humility at this oppurtunity to experience oneness in Family through Compassion. She rigthfully calls it "The Day Of Connection". 

"Mother" , is a realization of the embodiment of Compassion in a house -  Mother , the one who transforms a house into a home purely with her heart based existence and her unique ability to give unconditionally. It is indeed touching to see that how this child sees a Mother in a Master too & promises to keep up the dreams & the quality of contribution to all the living beings as she grows into an adult and steps into the real world. 

The Power of one is a realisation by the writer about the burning need to connect , build, create one family, one home and one world based on One Love. This realization is heralded by the act of "being more " & by "practising Compassion", in one's daily existence. Only when one starts to "Act" on the  " Art of Giving ",  one realizes that a Divine light of Oneness has started to shine through such a heart & reaches out to  many more around...thus, creating a Compassionate World family which beams happily with the Power of One!  


A Compassionate Family

A Compassionate Family

At the outset it is imperative to first understand the word family. To many of us family   comprises of  parents and children.  Families too have forms. There are extended families too. Extended horizontally to include uncles and aunts and cousins and vertically to include grandparents. There are also combination of horizontally and vertically spread families.  Let us look at compassion in the different family structures and relationships.
The moment a man and a woman become husband and wife, they mean the world to each other. They feel they can sacrifice and do anything for their partner.  However, as the relationship progresses,  the giving to each other is placed in the weighing balance.  Each partner begins to assess if he /she has received  as much as he/she has given. The compassionate space from where the relationship starts  very soon moves to a judgemental space. They start placing a value to their giving and receiving. The moment they  perceive an imbalance in the same, the WHY Me takes over. This is the reality. This is where the problems in the relationship begin.  Marriages have become a project, a financial contract. 

Can such relationships work??

There are umpteen examples where spouses go all out to serve their partner with the sole objective of making the other person happy.  In the process they forget their own self and surrender fully in the relationship.  They are not concerned if they are getting the credit for all that they are doing to serve the partner. They have no complaints in the relationship. This is true compassion.  Such partnerships are becoming rare and extinct. But if the giving happens from  arrogance, appreciation and  credit seeking space, then such a giving is not from a compassionate space. 

However, in today’s era this kind of a relationship is  considered exploitative.  In the current times, it is imperative that one creates the desired space in the relationship which enables and empowers one to grow and evolve.  This is not being selfish. To fulfil one’s highest purpose which gives meaning to life and make it useful to others is the process of transformation.  From this space whatever is done for the family is truly compassionate.  Even when giving is pure and genuine, many a times it is not perceived with the same intent. Does that mean we stop giving ???  Remember whatever we give out comes back. The form may vary. We may feel we are not getting back but once we start seeing life in totality we will realize that life has indeed returned  in abundance.   So stop worrying on that front.

When children arrive, they are showered with abundant love by the family. As they grow in age their temperaments, attitude, behaviour may not be in sync with the parent’s expectation. This is where trading in love takes roots. We often hear adults saying….”do this then you will get this” you are not being a good child…..etc etc. in a matter of 2-3 years the unconditional love and giving to the child turns conditional.  We want our children to do exactly WHAT we want.   Children are viewed as parents’ extension. Any mistake or misdeed by the kids is seen as a blow to the parents’ image. The parent child relationship also becomes  corporate. The child has to do something ( in line with parents expectations) to be worthy of receiving. How Sad…….
Grandparents in the family  tend to overdo for their  grand children. There is a strong urge to give all that they could not give and do for their children.  Let us not confuse  this over showering of love with compassion. This is not the desired giving.  This creates an imbalance within the family. Child is like a tug of war between parents and grandparents. This does more harm than good. 

I would like to make a mention of my maternal grand mom who was an epitome of compassion.  With no sight but a great vision of a happy society, she always placed everybody else before her. Simple to the core, minimal needs, contented with her meagre means, always smiling , joyful, never complaining and  ALWAYS giving, blessing  and praying for everyone. A grandmom who lived on no beliefs but only faith in the law of making good causes, accepting and respecting every being.  She sowed the seeds of compassion in all of us. From her we learnt the first lessons of true compassion.

The  Compassionate relationship would imply the following set of actions -

  • Being  sensitive to the other’s needs,
  • Accepting  and respecting   persons as they are
  • Allowing   persons to be who they are
  • appreciating  every  little effort of other people
  • being  grateful to all that one has received in the relationships
  • acknowledging and accepting the other’s  perspective,
  • allowing space to the other person
  • aligning with the way others think, behave and act
Willing to try these out??? Make a beginning and see what life has to offer. We want a meaningful happy life. So we make meaningful causes. Remember it is never too late in life. Even if it is just a day before your last day on the planet earth.   

 What is compassion to me in a family ?

Each  person understand the needs of others. As a Mother knows the food habits of all the members. She cooks  a variety to suit every person.
We do not wait for the other person to ask for something….
There is high level of sensitivity towards others needs and desires.
Think before we say something-
The today’s generation considers this as exploitation. How can one partner just give and give ?
But, that is what living a compassionate life in a family means. Imagine what if the focus of each family member in a house is just to give...There shall be intense level of sharing and caring and our horizons shall never be delimited...Then it does not matter whether we are living in a  nuclear family or in a big Indian Joint family system..!



All that is is understanding

  when the being drops conflict
All that is is trust and faith 
  when the being eliminates doubt
All that is is strength
  when the being drops  fear
All that is is creativity
  when the being tranforms sexuality
All that is is majesty
   when the being consumes pride
All that is is simplicity
   when the being heals servility
All that is is flow 
    when the being breaks conditions
All that is is compassion 
  when the being transcends attachment and detachment
All that is is intuition and intelligence
   when the  being dissolves the intellect
All that is is self respect 
   when the being evoporates guilt
All that is is oneness
 when the being eliminates fragments
All that is is beauty
 when I am the being
All that is is timeless
  when all that is is now.

Dedicated to the oneness in all ,dedicated to all who are undergoing the proceess of achiveing oneness through action. Dedicated to my master Sri Raj Bhowmik for bringing in clarity through psychic interventions.All His interventions have brought me closer to my being and have guided me in seeing the truth of my life more wholly.


THE RB-BTS Day May 10th


When I got a call from SPF for being chosen as Raj Bhowmik Back To Society DAY coordinator, I felt privileged and I felt that I could spread the dream of SRI RAJ BHOWMIK in different places. I have never done this kind of work ever before, so I was a little skeptical about how to talk to the people about giving their time and skills on May 10  but when I started calling  people on the phone their response was very good and welcoming.  We all felt a connection towards the cause, a sense of compassion. I told them how we celebrate here in Bangalore RBBTS Day and they came up with their ideas deep down in there in the heart” but they never had a chance and time to give without a reason and SRI RAJ BHOWMIK gave them that reason they were waiting for. He gave them a day to show compassion. After the day was over when I again spoke to them to know how they felt, they said that they all felt the same connection, the same compassion and gratitude similar to what I felt in Bangalore. We all felt like we were
under big umbrella under the sky with one connection and compassion.  



Dedicated to Sri Raj Bhowmik

There are tears in my eyes as I think of you
There are tears in my eyes as I feel you around me
There are tears in my eyes as I know that you are always there to guide me
There are tears in my eyes as I know I will be taken care of
There are tears in my eyes as I slowly feel that I am finally merging in you

It is you who guides me,
It is you who comforts me,
It is you who teaches me,
It is you who is always there for me
No matter what and especially when I need you

Blessed is the soul who is protected by you my Master
Where have you been all this while I wonder!

You have chosen me for a task I have to deliver......
Privileged I feel but then I wonder...
What is there in such a petty soul like me that you trust me??!

But your trust I shall keep and deliver on your VISION

The Power Of One

 The Power of One  

I dedicate this write up to Sri Raj Bhowmik with a  powerful realization that no work in this world is possible without imbibing  His essence of Love & Compassion in full entirety  ! This is the very essence which sets everything in motion. This essence is Dynamic and is a focal point of existence, creation and destruction..what so ever ! All the elements of Nature, the beings walking in all forms on Our Planet Earth, The music , The dance, The creations, the cosmos... all thrive on one essence .This essence of Compassion  can be lived & experienced only by being  CORPORitual..! 

CORPORitual signifies the Power of ONE..The balance..The free vortex which churns the existence with the forces of Truth, Justice & Beauty ...! It is Compassion and Compassion alone which is a pivot on which the entirety lives. It has always been so .

How did I realize this ? Well, that involved many deep experiences, fathomless feelings of surrender & connect , constantly being in touch with the work , deep urge to find the answers to the powerful cascades of questions unfolding from depths of this Being and by constantly being compassionate in every breath that I take. All this & more released a powerful flow of dormant desires of self expression. This strong need to build, create, express,  was contained in one form or another through various platforms / opportunities created by Master  in various forms , at various times and at regular intervals , and all this helped me attain my Balance, live a compassionate existence  and become CORPORitual ! .... All was taken care of diligently and patiently... It was then that I realized  that I am HOME.. I realized that it was A Master at work all through  & at that realization I surrendered 100% to HIM ,& his all pervading compassionate essence of CORPORitual  !

 After I went through all of this and more over some period of time, I gradually started to get still & calm. A restless, turbulent & angry me was replaced by a calm, firm & compassionate self. I recognized my being and laughed when I realized that my being was there with in me all through but a strong masking of self had hidden me from me all this while. All I needed was a bath & a scrub for the REAL Me to shine through. And when it did , I saw that the light which shone through me , from me, within me was none else than My Master's essence of Love & Compassion. Me & My Master are same. He is the Source from which I arise...In deep slumber I had failed to recognize HIM & thus , all the painful strokes were needed to help me wake up , rise & recognize...Me & HIM are not separate.. How could we ever be separate ?  The need was to awaken a sleeping me & I shall never sleep Now...

All silenced ..all calmed down . Where was the need to worry ? All was always taken care of. As I align to my being..Myself..My Master, now, I bow to the Divinity which had been right inside me all through . Who is a Master ? Where does he live? ..They ask.. I smile..as  I say , My Master lives in my heart ..His Essence of CORPORitual completes me now ... with no desires left , I open up my heart for The Light of Compassion to shine through me to reach all & More . I hope & pray that each Being be bathed in HIS CORPORitual essence and walk this planet Earth in peace & Love , forever ! My family is big …it encompasses thousands & more ….and awashed with the divine touch of compassion which heralds the power of one , we walk towards the source as One big Compassionate family..


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Compassion Edition : Bridging the Gap

Welcome to The Sacred Sanctum "COMPASSION" Edition

We take you on a journey from I to Our through the varied experiences and the unique ways of experiencing the same in people's lives through simple actions.
 You will hear Voices from individuals who opened their Beings to experience the fulfillment through Giving Back Together as Collaborative Action through The Annual Raj Bhowmik Back To Society Day on May 10th observed globally.   

Compassion with an Open Heart (http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/05/compassion-with-open-heart.html)  is an individual who is 10 years & her understanding of Compassion by bridging the gap of territories in humanity. The writer explores through a simple & powerful question that makes us think about who we truly are - "We all are humans, we all work the same way, we all breathe the same air, then why do we create divide?"

Compassion: Transcending Boundaries (http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/05/compassion-transcending-boundaries.html)   is an experience that makes us pause and look at something so Real and Subtle that we often cannot hear the voice - Compassion is glaring in our lives - Some of us see it and do for it and some pretend that we cant see or feel it.

The RB-BTS Day May 10th : Togetherness (http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/05/rb-bts-day-may-10th-togetherness.html)   is yet another simple experience of a 11 year old individual who experienced togetherness as part of a Macro. It pushes individuals to think beyond the world of gadgets to focus on human beings and giving.

Compassion In Action (http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/05/compassion-in-action.htmlasks some fundamental questions to how we usually give and how we can Give from a larger to a larger humanitarian space beyond self gratification & feeling good its about the "Being and the Becoming."

The RB-BTS Day Experience (http://www.sacredsanctum.blogspot.in/2012/05/rb-bts-day-experience.html

is a insight into a Lead Volunteer's daily life who was instrumental in connecting with people across a whole state and a country for the Global RB-BTS Day on May 10th. The writer humbly acknowledges the platform and Sri Raj Bhowmik's Essence in grooming her skills and being part in  the massive impact of the RB-BTS Day.

May you hear the Knock on your door, where you Give. may you receive abundantly how you have given. May you grow that joy around you every single day. This is our prayer. This is our Blessing for Humanity !!

The RB-BTS Day Experience

“The  quality of our life depends on the quality of our contribution” CORPORitual ,Sri Raj Bhowmik.

 The way the act of compassion changes our life is experiential. I have seen and gone through this wonderful experience in my life. Being associated with my Guru Sri Raj Bhowmik for the past four years I had an opportunity to give back to the society through the Raj Bhowmik Back To Society (RBBTS) platform many times. 

I thank HIM for making me a part of this greatest act. Compassion which is the act of pure giving as I understood and experienced is completely above all the other acts of giving  which we do in the name of charity. When we give for the sake of giving for ourselves , for our satisfaction or as a giving for our birthday or anniversary, we expect something in return  and this good feeling fades off with time. When we give as pure giving without expecting anything in return what we get in return comes with us for life. The joy of giving, the divine fulfillment which equals nothing is what I experienced whenever I had  an chance to contribute my part towards this noble deed.

         The deepest sense of satisfaction of being useful for having taken this human form had brought  lot of deep changes in me. This had actually made me take the first step towards contacting many people this year for the RBBTS day. The inspiration which my higher force my Guru had given me is so intense that it changed me from an individual who would never make a call to even book gas or for railway enquiry, to  contact so many people with whom I had lost contact for years now and many with whom it was the first time and I had not even known them before.The hidden strength in me is what I rediscovered in the process. Most of my lost contacts came back live in the process.

 I am grateful to RBBTS  platform and Our Founder Sri Raj  Bhowmik for helping me connect to the act of compassion and receiving abundance in my life. This abundance be it in the form of joy, happiness, satisfaction, a kid’s smile, a dream come true, self discovery  and many other forms which can be experienced is what I got back in the process.
                                                               Dedicated to Sri Raj Bhowmik,
With Gratitude,


From the day we are born we start receiving. We receive love, affection, comforts of everyday living, education, etc.  Please pause for a few minutes to expand this list to encompass all that life has so generously bestowed upon us. It will be a great reminder. Somewhere in the journey of our self centered lives, we forget to acknowledge and appreciate the gifts of life and take these for granted. When we become so oblivion to what we have received, can we ever be generous in giving??  

We are very happy and comfortable GIVING to our immediate environment. But how much and how often do we give to people who are neither our family nor have supported us in any way?  What is our attitude while giving?? Even when we give to our children it is with an expectation of receiving support in old age. We justify our giving. It should only be to the deserving person. This giving is not from the heart. Mind is constantly at work  analysing, justifying and validating our actions. 

How many times have we given JUST for the sake of giving?? 

The only relationship of giving and receiving which is very apparent and well understood is that of employer employee. In all other domains, giving and receiving is not as well defined. WHAT IS THIS GIVING??? ANY Giving out from the heart with no expectation, no negative/positive feelings is an act of COMPASSION. Many of us wrongly feel that loving someone passionately is compassion.  True Compassion is an act of courage. It requires courage to reach out to others and help others. 

There is a strong belief that most of us live with. How can we help others when we do not have enough for ourselves??  We also take great pride in giving away our discards of the seasonal house cleaning. Discards are not true offerings. When we give, we also want to monitor its usage..…has it been put to good use?? Was the receiver worthy of receiving???Did the person acknowledge the receiving?? Somewhere deep within us we are expecting appreciation for our deeds, a credit for our giving to others. Then can SUCH giving be pure?? 

Giving is not only monetary help. Giving has many forms and shades. Meeting any person’s need is an act of giving. Offering food, clothes, shelter, medical support,  teaching skills, educating, spending time with elderly, lending patient hearing,  are some of the many ways to give. Please know that life is mathematical. What we give is what we receive…. Life returns in ten folds all that we have given it.  I now live every single day with this awareness. Believe me it is a great value of life which brings peace and immense joy. My heartfelt gratitude to Sri Raj Bhowmik for giving me the privilege to go through the life transforming program with His Essence through SAHHEAL. 

I grew up learning from my parents that when anything is bought it must replace something. So, continuously something was emptied to accommodate the new. However, all that was emptied was given to people in the immediate environment.  Our family has always offered food, clothing, books and stationery etc. During the construction of our house, we created several opportunities to feed the workers. On birth and death anniversaries of the deceased, food is offered to people in and around temples.  On most occasions this was a planned and an organised giving. This giving always accompanied the thought of “how fortunate”, “poor they”, “they deserve or not deserve”, etc.  There was a feeling of some accomplishment. It was at SAHHEAL that we realised the essence of true giving and reflected on how we had been giving till date and from what space. We also realised that giving is an absolutely effortless exercise and has no “great” feelings associated. So, remember friends, there is no reason, season or occasion to GIVE.  Giving is an everyday act. It is also very important to go beyond the immediate environment and reach out to people with whom we are not associated in any way.  

This reminds me of a retired couple who have brought up their domestic helper’s son as their own grandson and go all out to provide him with the best opportunities. He goes to one of the most prestigious schools and has impeccable behaviour. They have shaped one life that will impact innumerable lives. That is the spiral.  Let us create such ripples all around. 
Now, giving is an everyday act for me. No more do I wait for special occasions. 

It is a feeling of fulfillment.  Just try doing it. Small acts of kindness done every single day add up to HUGE CONTRIBUTION.  Be a part of this compassionate Raj Bhowmik Back To Society DREAM – A Global Compassion Movement.  

By Dr. Neena Gulabani, Anubhav Learning Centre, New Delhi